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BNBMG's participation in Brands of China African Showcase draws close attention

  Source: China National Building Materials Group Corporation

Date: September 15, 2013

From September 10 to 13, Brands of China African Showcase 2013 organized by the Ministry of Commerce, PRC took place in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Relevant staff of the International Business Department of Beijing New Building Materials (Group) Co., Ltd. (BNBMG) and BNBMG Tanzania Co., Ltd. made up an exhibition team to participate in the exhibition on behalf of China National Building Materials Group Corporation (CNBM).

Through prototype and model presentation, video and material promotion and online promotion via the corporate English website, BNBMG's booth showcased the planning and layout of CNBM Tanzania distribution center to Tanzanian purchasers and those from the rest of Africa, and introduced BNBMG's energy-conserving, environmental-friendly and low-carbon new housing products and related components.

The Tanzanian government attached great importance to the exhibition. Mizengo Pinda, prime minister of Tanzania, personally visited BNBMG's booth. He showed strong interest in BNBMG's exhibits. Local key newspaper Habari Leo splashed a headline over the visit and other newspapers released feature reports; local television stations interviewed about the booth, too. Local government officials like the deputy minister for industry and trade of Tanzania, heads of local key foundations, investors, builders and designers scrambled to visit BNBMG's booth for business consultation and cooperation negotiation.

As a key exhibitor, BNBMG drew close attention and earned high praise from local government heads, the media and participants with its internationalized booth image, thus effectively enhancing the brand popularity of CNBM and BNBMG in Africa and laying an extensive public opinion foundation for building an influential regional building materials distribution center. Via the exhibition, BNBMG Tanzania Co., Ltd. acquired information from and reached cooperation intent with a lot of major customers, thereby creating an opportunity for the company to further develop the local market. BNBMG's housing products were well received, attracting endless streams of visitors for consultation and showing its broad business outlook.


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