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Silicon Valley company Calera Visits CANM

Source: China New Building Materials Industry Hangzhou Design & Research Institute 

Date: September 9, 2013

On September 5th, Martin Devenney, Chief Operating Officer of Calera in American Silicon Valley, together with Ryan Gilliam, Chief Scientific and Technological Officer of Calera, Ray Cheung, representative of Calera in China, and Fang Qian, legal adviser, visited China New Building Materials Industry Hangzhou Design & Research Institute (CNDI). Lin Churong, Dean of CNDI, Shi Cunyou, Vice Dean, and leaders of other relevant departments of CNDI received these guests. Both sides talked and discussed about capturing, sealing up and recycling of carbon dioxide and reached a cooperative intention preliminarily.

Lin Churong extended a warm welcome for Martin Devenney and other guests’ visit. He gave a brief introduction about the basic situation and the going of energy conservation and emission reduction project of CNDI. Martin Devenney expressed that he would like to cooperate with CNDI in how to transform carbon dioxide directly or indirectly into valuable materials and looked for opportunity for cooperation, so as to achieve a win-win situation.

The cooperation between two sides complies with globalization tendency and conforms to the policy put forward in the 12th Five-Year Plan about developing low carbon clean energy, which will also provide a new opportunity for sustainable development of CNDI.

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