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Eurocement Group Visits Nanyang CUCC

Source: China United Cement Corporation

Date: August 5, 2013

On August 1st, 2013, an 8-member delegation headed by the president of Eurocement Group in Russia visited Nanyang China United Cement Corporation (CUCC). Liu Tiancheng, Vice-President of Henan Operation Management Area of CUCC and General Manager of Nanyang CUCC and staffs in charge of relevant departments accompanied the delegation.

The delegation first visited the operating site of Nanyang CUCC and highly praised the site management of the company. At the following symposium, Liu Tiancheng extended a warm welcome to the experts of Eurocement Group and then gave a brief introduction to the basic information of Nanyang CUCC, including its production and management, enterprise culture, operation target and development planning.

The experts of Eurocement Group expressed their congratulations to Nanyan CUCC for the remarkable achievements it had made. Meanwhile, they hoped that they can learn advanced management experience from Nanyang CUCC to improve the management level in European Cement and both sides can deepen their cooperation and exchanges, thus achieving a win-win situation.

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