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Bao Yiwang, Assistant Chief Engineer of CTC, Attends International Congress on Glass

Source: China Building Material Test & Certification Group

Date: July 10, 2013

The 23rd International Congress on Glass, which was sponsored by International Commission on Glass (ICG), was held in Prague, capital of the Czech Republic, from July 1 to July 5. At the invitation of chairman of the ICG, Dr. Bao Yiwang, Assistant Chief Engineer of China Building Material Test & Certification Group (CTC), on behalf of China, attended the round table meeting and delivered an invited lecture titled “Way for China Glass Industry’s Sustainable Development”.

Founded in 1933, ICG now has 33 member countries, and Mr. Peng Shou, Chairman of China Triumph International Engineering Co., Ltd. serves as the current chairman of ICG. It is the first time for Chinese people to hold the position of the chairman of ICG. As the top international conference in this sector, the International Congress on Glass was attended by more than 700 professors, experts, scholars, and entrepreneurs from scientific research institutes, higher education institutions, and enterprises of 30-plus countries, including a Chinese delegation with more than 30 members.

In his report, Bao Yiwang gave an account of China glass industry’s status quo, existing problems, development prospect, and relevant policies and regulations. Specifically, he introduced in detail Chinese government’s significant strategic decisions and a series of policies and regulations tailored to the glass industry, including Chinese government’s preferential taxes and fiscal supports for high-tech glass enterprises and high-tech commercialization projects. Chinese government’s preferential policies drove the glass industry to make innovations independently, according to Mr. Bao.

Also in his report, Bao Yiwang stressed that the test and assessment technology was a key measure to ensure the glass’s quality and service safety, and he noted that CTC played an important role in boosting China glass industry’s healthy and orderly development. Mr. Bao’s report aroused strong interest from and stirred a hot debate amongst senior executives and representatives of ICG. As for those interested issues, attendees had an extensive communication and discussion with one another. 

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