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Yao Yan Hosting the 2nd Plenary Meeting of RILEM TC-TDC

Source: China Building Materials Academy

Date: June 1, 2013

On May 22-24, 2013, the 2nd Plenary Meeting of RILEM TC-TDC was held in Qingdao Technological University, more than 20 persons including Professor F.H. Wittmann from Freiburg Aedificat Research Institute, Germany, Professor Max Setzer from Technical University Munich, Germany, Professor Erik Schlangen from Delft University, Netherland and Professor Nele De Belie from Ghent University, Belgium as well as experts and scholars from China Building Materials Academy(CBMA), Qingdao University of Science and Technology, Beijing University of Technology, Shenzhen University and Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences etc. participated in the meeting.

The plenary meeting was hosted by Yao Yan, President of RILEM TC-TDC, General Manager of China National Building Materials Group Corporation and President of CBMA. She introduced the main topics to be discussed in this meeting and explained that this meeting would be conducted aiming at the working contents of Group A and B respectively, in which the main task of Group A was to confirm the final draft of document collections; and that of Group B was to confirm the scheme of test device finally used, the units participating in the contrast experiments and final test method. Subsequently, Professor F.H. Wittmann, the President of Group A and Professor Wangling, the President of Group B introduced the working arrangement, working progress of the year and the next working plan of their group respectively.

Finally, President Yao Yan made specific arrangements of the subsequent works of the technical committee. She pointed out that although this meeting obtained phased discussion results, the subsequent task were still very arduous and hoped to continue to be supported by each committee member and strive to complete the working goal of TD-TDC, so as to contribute to the final ambitious goal of the committee. The delegates of the meeting fully confirmed the good discussion atmosphere of the meeting, high-efficiency work and fruitful results and expressed that they would continue to support the work of the committee to achieve its final goal. They also agreed to hold an informal working meeting in Paris, France in September 2013.

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