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CTIEC shows up at China Glass 2013

Source: China Triumph International Engineering Co., Ltd.

Date: May 29, 2013

From May 24 to 27, the 24th China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition (China Glass 2013) took place at the China International Exhibition Center (new). China Triumph International Engineering Co., Ltd. (CTIEC) organized a delegation for the exhibition, demonstrating its internationally advanced core technologies in the R & D and service fields of float glass, processes glass and other glass products. Peng Shou, president of the International Commission on Glass (ICG) and chairman & president of CTIEC, along with other leaders and heads of relevant departments of CTIEC, was present. They exchanged ideas with business partners that have come for trade negotiation, technology exchange and cooperation, reached many cooperation intents and yielded bumper fruits.

CTIEC exhibited technologies and products such as super-white rolled PV glass, super-white float solar glass, CdTe thin film solar cell, double-joint amorphous silicon thin film solar cell, CIS thin film solar cell, TCO coating glass, oxygen-fuel combustion, desulfurization-denitrification integration in cogeneration, ultra-thin glass and PV & optoelectronics, drawing wide attention from customers.

CTIEC's engineering technicians made full use of the opportunity to actively communicate with exhibitors from home and abroad, found out customer demands, fully demonstrated the company's leading technologies in new fields such as new glass, new materials and new energy, gave technical lectures such as Application of Anti-reflection Film in Photoelectric Glass and Analysis of Actualities and Trends of Touch Screen Glass Panels, discussed cutting-edge new technologies, processes and products in the glass industry, and gained high praise from domestic and overseas colleagues.

China Glass 2013 attracted 860 exhibitors from a record 33 countries like China, Germany, Italy, the US, Belgium, the UK and France. Among 227 foreign exhibitors, nearly 20 made their debut at the exhibition, showing its ever-growing international influence. Exhibits covered all fields of glass production, among which photo-thermal conversion technology, ultra-thin glass technology and vacuum glass technology highlighted the exhibition.

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