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CTIEC and New Jersey Institute of Technology Sign Joint Design Cooperation Agreement

Source: China Triumph International Engineering Co.,Ltd

Date: May 10, 2013

On May 8th, China Triumph International Engineering Co.,Ltd (CTIEC) and New Jersey Institute of Technology sign cooperation agreement in Shanghai. As defined in the agreement, CTIEC will serve as consortium in cooperation with world leading design team to undertake photoelectricity architecture design, offering solar building design and PV system support for New Jersey Institute of Technology and Harbin Institute of Technology participation in China International Solar Decathlon 2013. Mr. Wang Congxiao, President Assistant and Director with New Energy Department of CTIEC and Professor Richard Garber with School of Architecture & Design of New Jersey Institute of Technology sign the agreement.

China International Solar Decathlon 2013 is co-sponsored by National Energy Administration and United States Department of Energy, organized by Peking University and Datong City. The event is firstly held in United States in 2002, and it will be held in China for the first time in Datong city in this August. The contest is international undergraduate’s experimental contest, through integrating solar energy application, energy conservation and emission reduction and architecture design together. It aims to combine solar energy, energy conservation and architecture design in a new integrated manner by virtue of originality of leading world R&D and design team, so as to demonstrate that sole solar house can enjoy such features as complete function, comfortable and sustainable living space, such that technology advance and practical progress can be promoted for energy conservation and emission reduction.

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