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International Commission on Glass (ICG) Holds First Summer Camp in China

Source: Bengbu Design & Research Institute for Glass Industry

Date: August 25, 2012 

On August 20~23, ICG Summer Camp of 2012 was successfully held in Shanghai. The chairman of ICG and president of Bengbu Design & Research Institute for Glass Industry  (hereinafter referred to as Bengbu Institute) attended the opening ceremony and business dinner and made a speech. 

As an important academic exchange activity in international glass circle, the ICG Summer Camp carries out training specially aiming at doctoral student of glass major and young researcher; this was the first time that this Summer Camp was held in China. Sponsored by ICG and the Chinese Ceramic Society, undertaken by China Triumph International Engineering Co., Ltd (CTIEC), Shanghai University and South China University of Technology, this term of Summer Camp carried out training around the theme "functional glass". The sponsors also invited many famous experts and scholars at home and aboard to give lessons for students and the teaching content was closely linked with glass industry technology fast developed at present. The director of chief engineering office of CTIEC Jiang Longyue made a report on "Development of China's Float Glass Technology and Equipments", and the distinguished expert of national key laboratory for new technology of float glass, standing deputy director and chief scientist of Anhui Provincial Thin-Film Solar Cell Engineering Technology Research Center Doctor Xu Genbao made a report on "Sputtering AZO Glass and Its Application in Thin-Film Solar Energy".

During the Summer Camp, the trainees also came to CTIEC to carry out a site learning and discussion.


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