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CNBM Listed among Global Top 500 as World's Second Largest Building Materials Manufacturer

Source: CNBM

Date: July 10, 2012

On July 9, the U.S. "Fortune" magazine officially released the list of 2012 Global Top 500. China National Building Materials Group Corporation (CNBM) ranked the 365th with an operating income of US$30.022 billion, 120 places ahead year on year. CNBM has surpassed the CRH Group in Ireland, HOLCIM Group in Switzerland, and Lafarge Group in France and ranked the second largest building materials company next only to the French Saint-Gobain Group, enlisted among Fortune 500 and achieving a rapid increase in the global building materials industry.

In recent years, CNBM achieved rapid development and become China's largest integrated building materials industry group and the only building materials enterprise enlisted among global top 500 from the Chinese building materials industry. In 2011, CNBM’s assets amounted to RMB207.5 billion yuan, its operating income RMB194.1 billion yuan, up 43% year on year; its profits increased by 109% year on year to RMB15.8 billion yuan, and its net profit increased by 103% year on year to RMB11.9 billion yuan. CNBM has secured its position as the No.1 among China's top 100 building materials enterprises. In the industrial sector:the  annual capacity of cement reached 300 million tons, ranking first in the world;the annual capacity of gypsum board reached 1.2 billion square meters, ranking first in Asia and seizing over 50% of the domestic market;the annual capacity of glass fiber exceeded one million tons, ranking first in the world;the annual capacity of MW wind turbine blades reached 15,000, ranking first in China;the large-scale production capacity of carbon series fiber above T300 (precursor and carbon filament) reached more than 5, 000 tons, making the company the largest carbon fiber supplier in China.

CNBM has set up branches in nearly 30 countries and enjoyed its high reputation in the international building materials logistics, trade, cement, glass and other building materials engineering markets.


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