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CNBM Leaders Meet with Chinese Ambassador to Uzbekistan

Source: Department of International Cooperation

Date: June 15, 2012

On the morning of June 14, Ma Jianguo, Deputy General Manager of China National Building Materials Group Corporation (CNBM), met with Zhang Xiao, the Chinese Ambassador to Uzbekistan. The two sides exchanged views on strengthening economic and trade cooperation and other issues.

Ma Jianguo said that Central Asia with geopolitical advantage has always been an important target market of CNBM's "going out" strategy, and the affiliated enterprises have made active business exploration and achieved initial results in Uzbekistan. Under the guidance of the SAC policy encouraging central enterprises to "go out", it has become one of the important tasks of the enterprises to make full use of domestic and international markets and resources, strengthen the overseas market layout and development. Uzbekistan with its favorable geographical location and rapidly growing economy is bound to be an important region of the Group in business expansion, said Ma. He hoped that under the vigorous support and assistance of Ambassador Zhang Xiao, CNBM can make greater contributions to strengthen the bilateral economic and trade exchanges, and promote local economic development.

Zhang Xiao highly praised the rapid development of the group in recent years. He said that Uzbekistan with the most population, a good industrial base, high labor force quality, and steady and rapid economic growth in recent years will become an important target country of CNBM in future international business expansion, and the booming infrastructure construction there will bring more opportunities for cooperation to the construction enterprises. He sincerely hoped that CNBM can seize opportunity, make good planning, actively and steadily tap the Uzbekistan market, get risks well prevented while developing CNBM’s business, and make contributions to promoting the bilateral economic and trade cooperation.


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