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CNBM Leaders Meet with the Chinese Ambassador to Kazakhstan

Source: Department of International Cooperation

Date: June 13, 2012

On the morning of June 12, Ma Jianguo, Deputy General Manager of China National Building Materials Group Corporation (CNBM), met with Zhou Li, the Chinese ambassador to Kazakhstan.

After making a brief introduction of CNBM, Ma Jianguo said that given the Sino-Kazakhstan political trust and economic exchanges, as well as the role of SCO summit to promote the development of bilateral economic and trade cooperation, Central Asia has become one of the target markets of overseas operation of the group; in addition, affiliated enterprises such as China Triumph International Engineering Company (CTIEC) have successfully developed business in Central Asia, implemented the most technically advanced and the biggest Mynaral cement production line with a daily production of 3,300 tons and will continue to reinforce the Kazakhstan cement and other building materials markets. Based on the business advantages of CNBM, further cooperation may be carried out in cement, glass, new energy, new housing and other fields in Kazakhstan, and the Group is willing to consider Kazakhstan as an important target country of its "going out" strategy, make systematic planning and contribute to deepening bilateral economic and trade exchanges between the two countries, according to Ma Jianguo.

Zhou Li congratulated on and applauded the rapid development of CNBM. He believed that CNBM has made an important and solid step forward in Kazakhstan, which laid a sound foundation to open up the broader Kazakhstan building materials market in future. He believed that in view of the rich natural resources and huge development space in Kazakhstan, and the technology and strength of CNBM in Kazakhstan, the two sides are strongly complementary in economy and trade, heralding great potential of CNBM in the country. He advised to develop a long-term plan for the Kazakhstan building materials market, explore a variety of cooperation modes in multiple business areas, and push the bilateral cooperation to record highs.  


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