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ChinaTriumph International Engineering Formed Strategic Partnership with German GEA

Source: Bengbu Glass Industry Design & Research Institute

Date: March 30, 2012

On March 29, China Triumph International Engineering Co., Ltd. and German GEA Group held a grand signing ceremony in Yancheng, Jiangsu Province. The two sides established long-term exclusive partnership in the cement industry project and cement flue gas SCR denitrification project. Mr. Peng Shou, Chairman and President of China Triumph International Engineering Co., Ltd., and Palinski Andreas, General Manager of GEA, signed the cooperation agreement.

The establishment of such a strategic partnership is expected to promote strong alliance between China Triumph International Engineering Co., Ltd. and GEA, display their respective strengths, so that the two sides can become more competitive in the cement and even the entire building materials industry, and better explore the Chinese and international markets.

GEA is one of the world's top enterprises in the chemical industry, with more than 20,000 employees and annual sales of 5.4 billion euros in 2011. The group has six departments namely Emission Control Department, Process Engineering Department, Agricultural Technology department, Heat Exchangers Department, Machinery and Equipment Department, and Refrigeration Technology Department. The Emission Control Department (the GEA Bischoff, GmbH) has integrated the original environmental protection business of German Lurgi Group (one of the most famous engineering companies in environmental engineering technology and equipment, the inventor of electric precipitator and CFB desulfurization technology and equipment, with world leading technology and equipment in fields such as flue gas denitrification, desulfurization, dust removal and other environmental protection fields), and boasts a wealth of engineering experience and achievements in the flue gas treatment in the glass, cement, and metallurgical industries.


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