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Qiao Longde Led Delegation to China Building Materials Academy for Inspection and Guidance

Source: China Building Materials Academy  Date: February 20, 2012

In the afternoon of February 16, Qiao Longde, President of the China Building Material Federation and his entourage arrived at China Building Materials Academy for inspection and discussion. Yao Yan, General Manager of China National Building Materials Group (CNBM) and President of China Building Materials Academy warmly received President Qiao Longde and his entourage. China Building Material Federation Party Secretary And Executive Vice President Sun Xiangyuan, Vice Presidents Xu Yongmo, Chen Guoqing, Ye Xiangyang, Sun Tieshi, Deputy Secretary-General Zhang Dongzhuang, Secretary-General Jin Zhanping of Chinese Ceramic Society, China Building Materials Academy Party Secretary Yi Minwang, Vice President Ma Juanrong, Xu Hui and Zeng Dafan participated in the discussion.

President Qiao Longde extended sincere congratulations on excellent results achieved by China Building Materials Academy. In 2011. Qiao Longde pointed out that in recent years, China Building Materials Academy has actively changed ideas, reinforced the market concept, achieved rapid and stable development in technological innovation, resource integration and market exploration, significantly increased its comprehensive strengths, and made a significant contribution and displayed an important role in the industry. He hoped that China Building Materials Academy can continue to serve the development of CNBM, serve scientific and technological progress of the building material industry, and provides important support to cooperation among industries, universities and research institutes of the building materials industry and breakthrough of major technical bottlenecks.  

Yao Yan expressed gratitude to the long-term support, help and care given by the China Building Material Federation and briefly reported development situation of China Building Materials Academy in 2011 and operation of state key laboratories of green building materials. She said that under the guidance and help of the Federation as well as correct leadership of CNBM, China Building Materials Academy has focused on the new idea of “becoming stronger and better”, implemented a series of new measures, and synchronously promoted scientific development, inspection certification and technological industry. The international first-class laboratory has taken its initial shape, the scientific research team is constantly expanding, which is a good start for the “Twelfth Five-Year” and has paved A solid foundation for the construction of a world first-class science and technology enterprise.

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