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Delegation Headed by Qiao Longde Visits CNBM in Chinese New Year

Source: CNBM Date: January 18, 2012

In the afternoon of January 17, 2012, Qiao Longde, President of China Building Material Federation, and his entourage arrived at the headquarters of China Building Materials Group (CNBM) for purpose of mass greetings and discussions during the Chinese New Year. Song Zhiping, CNBM Chairman and Secretary of CPC CNBM Committee, and Yao Yan, Director and General Manager of CNBM, warmly received the delegation. Those who attended the meeting include Sun Xiangyuan, Secretary of CPC China Building Material Federation Committee and Executive Vice President of China Building Material Federation, Vice Presidents Xu Yongmo, Ye Xiangyang, Sun Tieshi of China Building Material Federation, Secretary-General Zhang Dongzhuang of China Building Material Federation, Cao Jianglin, CNBM Director and President of China National Building Material Company Limited, Hao Zhenhua, CNBM Director, Deputy Secretary and Discipline Inspection Secretary of CPC CNBM Committee, CNBM Deputy General Managers Guo Chaomin, Xu Jinhua, Liu Baoying, Huang Anzhong, CNBM Chief Accountant Wu Jiwei, and Xiong Jiwen as a CNBM Director on behalf of employees and Chairman of CNBM Trade Union.

President Qiao Longde firstly extended holiday greetings and New Year's blessings to CNBM cadres and employees on behalf of China Building Material Federation and expressed his sincere congratulations and gratitude for CNBM’s excellent results and its important leading role in the industry in 2011. Qiao Longde pointed out that in recent years, CNBM had been adhering to its characteristic growth pass under the guidance of correct and clear strategies and it continued to become bigger and stronger, thus having become an industry vanguard enterprise and one of the Fortune 500. CNBM’s development model should be well summarized and demonstrated so as to lead the development of the national building material enterprises.

Chairman Song Zhiping expressed his gratitude for the long-term supports, help and care given by China Building Material Federation and briefly reported the development situation of CNBM in 2011. He said that in the past 2011, CNBM, actively responded to severe and complicated economic situation under the correct guidance of the industry associations, thus having achieved a good harvest: its operating income amounted to RMB191.8 billion yuan, its profits amounted to RMB14.1 billion yuan, and it realized taxes of RMB13.8 billion yuan; meanwhile, its different business segments developed shoulder to shoulder, thereby forming a thriving momentum of development.

Finally, Song Zhiping wished the visiting leaders a happy Lunar New Year and that China Building Material Federation flourish in the New Year on behalf of CNBM.

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