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CNBM Group Signing a Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement with the People’s Government of Yunnan Province

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Released on: December 19, 2011

On December 16, the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation framework agreement by and between CNBM Group and the People’s Government of Yunnan Province was held in Kunming. Li Jiheng, Deputy Secretary of Yunnan Provincial Committee and Acting Governor, met with the team led by Song Zhiping, the Chairman of CNBM and Chairman of China Medicine Group. Li Decheng, the Standing Vice Director of China Enterprise Confederation, Lei Qianzhi, Vice Director of China Building Materials Association and Director of China Cement Association, Cao Jianglin, Director of CNBM Group and CNBM Co., Ltd. and Guo Chaomin, Vice General Manager of CNBM Group attended the signing ceremony.

Li Jiheng pointed out that, as the leader in China’s building material industry, CNBM has strong comprehensive strength and scientific strength. CNBM is welcomed to invest in Yunnan to accelerate and promote the upgrading of Yunnan’s building material industry, trying to make building material industry as one of Yunnan’s pillar industries. Yunnan province will continue vigorously promoting the entering in Yunnan of state-owned enterprises and famous enterprises, constantly perfect and carry out relevant supportive policies, perform the government responsibilities and provide better service.

Song Zhiping said that, Yunnan’s acceleration and promotion on bridgehead construction and entering in Yunnan of state-owned enterprises provides many state-owned enterprises with a stage to strut their stuff, and CNBM Group will take the opportunity of signing the agreement to increase the cooperation strength with Yunnan to give full play to the scientific and talent advantages of itself to promote the technical progress, structural adjustment and industry upgrading of Yunnan’s building material industry, so as to make greater contributions to the bridgehead construction.

He Duanqi, Vice Governor of Yunnan, and Song Zhiping signed the agreement on behalf of two parties. In accordance with the agreement, CNBM Group will integrate Yunnan’s cement industry together with Yunnan’s large cement enterprises to build a ecological park of cement industry to increase the concentration ratio of cement industry; develop cooperation with Yunnan’s relevant enterprises to promote Yunnan’s building material industry, adjust industrial structure and transform development pattern; cooperate with Yunnan’s colleges and universities and research institutes to together undertake national and local major scientific research and consulting projects and promote the transformation and application of relevant scientific and technical achievements; establish state key laboratory of green building material in Yunnan and Yunnan laboratory of recycling industrial disused resources and build diversified talent introduction, communication, cultivation and application system to provide medium-sized and small enterprises with technical support.

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