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CNBM Creates Another Miracle of Reorganization Southwest Cement Officially Starts Its Business

Data source: CNBM   

Released on: December 19, 2011

It is planed that its cement production capacity can reach more than 100 million tons within two to three years, and the company can be the largest professional cement company in the area. Shao Ning, Li Chuncheng, Wang Ning, Tang Chuanping, Li Decheng, Qiao Longde, Song Zhiping, Jiang Junlu, Ma Zhongzhi, Lei Qianqia, Chen Qiliang, Liang Yan, etc. attended the opening ceremony hosted by Cao Jianglin.

On December 15, CNBM held a grand ceremony in Chengdu, and announced that “Southwest Cement Company” was officially established. Until then, southwest consolidation and reorganization that China National Building Materials Group Corporation had been considering for a long time was launched finally, which drew the curtain of consolidation and reorganization in southwest cement market. Once the Southwest Cement was established, it had been the largest cement company in the region.

Shao Ning, Deputy Director of SASAC, Li Chuncheng, Deputy Secretary of Sichuan Provincial Party Committee of the CPC, Wang Ning, Vice Governor of Sichuan Provincial People’s Government, Tang Chuanping, Deputy Secretary of Chengdu Municipal Party Committee of the CPC and Chairman of CPPCC of Chengdu, Li Decheng, Executive Vice Chairman of China Association of Enterprises, Qiao Delong, Chairman of China Building Material Federation (CBMF), Song Zhiping, President and Chairman of the board of CNBM, Jiang Junlu, Outside Director of CNBM, Ma Zhongzhi, Independent Director of CNBM, Lei Qianzhi, Chairman of China Cement Association, Chen Qiliang, Director of the 25th office of Board of Supervisors of State-owned Key and Large Enterprises, Liang Yan, Deputy Director of Department of Policies, Laws and Regulations of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Diao Qinyi, Deputy President of Agricultural Bank of China, Liu Xinyi, Deputy President of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Wang Lifeng, Deputy Chairman of SINOPHARM, Zhu Yiying, Deputy Secretary General of Sichuan Provincial Party Committee of the CPC, Cai Jing, Deputy Secretary General of Sichuan Provincial People’s Government, Ji Qinying, Executive Deputy General Manager of Conch Group and Anhui Conch Cement Company Limited, Benjiamin, Senior Vice President of Lafarge in China and others attended the opening ceremony of Southwest Cement. Cao Jianglin, CEO of CNBM and Chairman of Southwest Cement presided over the ceremony.

Southwest region is the fourth strategic cement region after Huaihai Economic Zone, Southeast Economic Zone and Northeast Zone. The market area of Southwest Cement covers three provinces and one city including Chongqing, Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan. At present, its production capacity has reached up to 50 million tons. It is predicted that its production capacity can be up to 70 million tons by the end of the year.

The reorganization speed and production capacity have aroused great attention and strong response inside and outside of the industry. The experts and the investors of the industry all think that the clear strategy, inclusive growth model and harmonious reorganization culture of CNBM are the key points of Southwest Cement to rapidly promote regional reconstruction, and say that CNBM has created another miracle in the development history of world cement industry.

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