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Song Zhiping Leads the Delegation to Visit Japan

Data source: CNBM

Released on: December 9, 2011

From December 1 to December 7, Song Zhiping, President of China National Building Materials Group Corporation, together with seven delegation members, visited Japan. During the visit, Song Zhiping met the leaders of Mitsubishi Corporation, JS Group Corporation, Toyota Housing Corporation, Sumitomo Forestry Co., Ltd. to hold constructive talks in terms of residence industrialization and the development of large building materials and discuss the cooperative circles of their mutual interest. Wherever they went, the delegation was warmly welcomed and received by Japanese enterprises. The Japanese enterprises thought highly of the outstanding achievements resulted from the rapid growth of China National Building Materials Group Corporation and showed their willingness to build important strategic partners relationship with China National Building Materials Group Corporation to pursue mutual development.

During the visit, the delegation went to the headquarters of JS Group Corporationin Shimonoseki City, and met President Chaotianyangyilang, Proprieter Jingzhiminxiong, General Manager Anbujiaxiu of Overseas Strategic Department, and General Manager Shankoujin of Overseas Business Department; besides, they investigated and visited the product exhibition center of Shima. JS Group Corporation is a new company founded in April 2011 by integrating Tostem, Inax, Shinnikkei, Sunwave, and Toex. Home furnishing and building materials constitute over 50% market share in Japan. JS Group Corporation sent staff to visit China National Building Materials Group Corporation as soon as its foundation with the hope of building long cooperation. The delegation’s visit to Japan is a return visit. Some members of the delegation visited the production line of wood and plastic products of JS Group Corporation.

President Song Zhiping and other delegation members visited the headquarters of Mitsubishi Corporation as well and met President Xiaolinjian, Vice President Shiyeyaying (President of East Asian region, and General Delegate of China), Vice President Zhongyuanxiuren, Executive Officer Daheyisi, General Manager Cunyuehuangzicai, and General Manager Gongxiaxiu. Ten years ago, China National Building Materials Group Corporation signed strategic cooperation agreement with Mitsubishi Corporation. On the basis of former cooperation, both sides agreed to constantly expand new cooperation field, give full play to their own advantages, and make contributions to the development of the global economy.

During the visit, Jin Jianzhu, Managing Director of Bishan Co., Ltd., South Korea, President Lihuazhensi of Toyota Housing Corporation and General Manager Jingshangzhenghong specially went to Tokyo from Seoul and Nagoya to meet President Song Zhiping. They exchanged ideas in terms of cement side fascia cooperation and the next development of BNBM houses.

During their investigation of Advantest, the delegation was warmly welcomed by President Shanxingyaer and other high-rise leaders. It is a professional company of Japan participating in the sales of flooring and famous for complete product categories. Products of China National Building Materials Group Corporation are put on the marked position of the exhibition hall and have been promoted to Japan market.

The last station of their Japan visit is Sumitomo Forestry Co., Ltd. and they received warm reception led by President Yishiyelong and Proprieter Shichuanhuang. Sumitomo Forestry Co., Ltd. is a famous global enterprise with a history of 320 years and its own substantial timber resources including forests throughout the world. It is a leading enterprise in global timber circle participating in forest planting, processing, sales, and logistics of wood, house building, and even real estate development. Since last year, Sumitomo Forestry Co., Ltd. has carried out practical cooperation with China National Building Materials Group Corporation. This visit laid a solid foundation for their more extensive cooperation in the future. The delegation visited Tsukuba Research Institute and construction site of Sumitomo Forestry Co., Ltd. as well.

During the visit, Niu Jianguo, Envoy and Economy Counselor of China Embassy in Japan, went to meet President Song Zhiping and the delegation group. He thought highly of the effective cooperation between China National Building Materials Group Corporation and Japanese enterprises in various fields.

The delegation members accompanying President Song Zhiping are Peng Shou, President and General Manager of CTIEC, Shen Yaping, Vice General Manager of China Composites Group Corporation Ltd., Han Weiqing, Vice General Manager of CNBM, etc.

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