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Song Zhiping and China National Building Material (CNBM) Company, Double Winners of theChina Securities Golden Bauhinia Awards

Data Resource: CNBM Company

Released on: Nov. 29, 2011

     On Nov. 24, a grand award ceremony held in Hong Kong witnessed the successful conclusion of 2011 China Securities Golden Bauhinia Awards. Song Zhiping, President of CNBM Group and Chairman of the Board of CNBA Company won the “Most Influential Leaders Award”,CNBM Company (hereinafter referred to as “CNBM”; stock code: HK3323) won the“Best Listed Companies Award”. Among the winners sharing the two Awards, CNBM is the only honored one in the building material industry of China. . 

  Co-sponsored by Hong Kong Ta Kung Pao, Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises Association, Hong Kong Securities Association, China Securities Association and China Enterprise Confederation, China Securities Golden Bauhinia Awards is the first and most credible campaign jointly organized by authorities and experts in both Hong Kong and mainland over the passed two decades. Winners were elected based on the professional data provided by securities traders and through the online voting of investors and expert review. The Experts and Consultants Jury consists of famous economists Long Yonytu and Li Yining, former Chairmen of CSRC Liu Hongru and Zhou Daojiong, and some securities experts from Hong Kong and mainland. Such strong background enables the campaign enjoy the biggest size and highest level of such campaigns. Kicked off in May 2011 and lasted for over 6 months, finally, 100 winners from 10 awards (10 winners in each award), which are China Capital Market Contribution Award, Most Influential Leaders Award, Listed Companies with Great Social Responsibility Award etc. were elected from almost 300 shortlisted listed companies in Hong Kong and mainland.

     By virtue of the remarkable business performance of CNBM and his distinguished leadership, Song Zhiping shared the “Most Influential Leaders Award” with other winners. After taking up the post of the Chairman of the Board, Song Zhiping played a very active role in helping CNBM list on the Share-H in Hong Kong. The road to the final successful listing was hard and full of challenges, but under the leadership of Song Zhiping, CNBM made it at last. Consolidation and reorganization is one of the strategies put forward by Song Zhiping, under the guidance of which, CNBM took the lead in implementing the industry policies issued by the central government and launched a trans-regional and trans-ownership integration movement covering the whole cement industry. During the five years after its listing, CNBM has reorganized almost 200 enterprises and gained good benefit from management and integration. As an influential company in the field, CNBM played a leading role in promoting the transformation of development mode, enterprise structural adjustment and energy saving and emission reduction. Song Zhiping’s tolerance, sense and the Confucianism-oriented wisdom of pursuing mutual benefit brought a brand new development idea for the competitive building material industry. Thanks to the healthy development mode of “Industry benefit prior to and comes from enterprise benefit”, the building material industry realized a transformation from disordered cutthroat competition to rational and healthy development. “Market-based state-owned enterprise” is an original driving mechanism put forward by Song Zhiping, by combining the brands and strong capital of state-owned enterprises with the flexibility of private enterprises, CNBM has realized an inclusive growth and provided a good example in how to develop a new mode for the market-based operation of state-owned enterprises. Under the leadership of Song Zhiping, the unique development mode and experience achieved by CNBM in the environment of severe competitive and industry economic surplus was highly confirmed by government departments, trade associations, and the capital market. In Sep. 2011, the successful experience of CNBM was collected by the Business School of Harvard as a case.

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