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CNBM Group Signs a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Daewoo

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Released on: November 21, 2011

     On November 18, 2011, CNBM Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Daewoo International Corporation in the Great Hall of the People. The signing of this strategic cooperation agreement indicated that CNBM Group and Daewoo would be strategic partners. Taking this as a new start, both parties would take effort in constructing a new platform and new system for cooperation and development, keep widening cooperative fields, deepen cooperative content gradually and accomplish collaborative development in win-win cooperation. Song Zhiping, Chairman of the Board of CNBM Group, Lee Dong-Hee, CEO and Vice Chairman of Daewoo International Corporation attended the ceremony and delivered speeches. Huang Anzhong, Vice General Manager of CNBM Group and Choi Kee-Joon, Vice President of Daewoo, on behalf of the two parties, signed the strategic cooperation agreement. The signing ceremony was hosted by Wei Feng, General Manager Assistant of CNBM Group.

     Daewoo International Corporation, with a long history, is a world famous international trade and investment enterprise. It is at the leading place in iron and steel, chemical industry, machinery equipment, minerals and energy. It also plays an important part in South Korean economic development and Sino-South Korean economic exchanges. In August of this year, with the support of CNBM Group, Daewoo International Corp successfully transferred shares to China United Cement Corporation and the two parties built good relation of cooperation. In October, Song Zhiping, Chairman of the Board, visited Daewoo International and had a friendly talk with Vice Chairman Lee Dong-Hee. They exchanged their ideas on strengthening cooperation on minerals, iron and steel, wood and coals and reached consensus on building a win-win collaborative system.

     In the signing ceremony, Song Zhiping said that as China and South Korea are near to each other, the economic and trade cooperation of the two countries has developed fully and promptly. In last year, the bilateral trade reached to USD200 billion. On October 26 of this year, the talk between Lee Myung-bak, President of South Korea, and Li Keqiang, Vice Prime Minster of China’s State Council laid a solid foundation on expanding cooperation between Chinese and South Korean enterprises and prompting bilateral trade to a new stage. CNBM Group is one of the World Top 500 enterprises and the largest Chinese comprehensive construction materials group specialized in scientific research, production and logistics. It plays a leading role on new type dry cement, new construction materials, float glass, glass fiber, composite materials, scientific research and design of construction materials, set equipment and trade of iron ore and wood. Meanwhile, CNBM Group is a long-term partner of various world famous enterprises and has an extensive international cooperation base. As CNBM Group has established strategic cooperative partnership with Daewoo International Group, the two parties will carry out multi directional and deep cooperation on mining iron ore, steel products, Chinese construction material cement products, Daewoo wood products, chemical products, carbon fiber and trade of fan blade.

     Lee Dong-Hee said that Daewoo is the best comprehensive trade company in South Korea and has obtained significant achievements on international trade and resource development. Besides maintaining present business, Daewoo also devoted itself to securities investment and new energy development and moved toward to the world-top comprehensive trade companies. As the largest construction enterprise in the world, CNBM Group is also actively carrying out new business. Lee Dong-Hee said he is much honored that Daewoo International Corp can partner with CNBM Group, the world –class enterprise. The cooperation shows that two parties have potential in cooperation, especially in developing and investing iron ore mines, iron ore products, construction materials and mineral resources. He said he believes that the two parities can get better achievements and further, explore a common development in other industries and fields. 

     Cui Lijun, General Manager of Beijing New Building Material Group (BNBM), Cui Xingtai, Vice President of CNBM, Zhang Dingjin, Vice President of CNBM, Yu Xianfeng, Vice General Manager of BNBM, Wu Xiang, General Manager of China National Building Materials Import & Export Corporation Shanghai Branch, Xue Hongshou, Vice President of Daewoo International Corporation and China president, Sohn Kwang-Min, Minister of Daewoo International Strategic Cooperation Department,  Jin Mingzan, Vice Minister of Daewoo (China) Management Department, Bai Shangrun, Vice Minister of Goods and Materials Department, Li Dongxun, Section Supervisor of Machinery Department and Jin Canyou, Section Supervisor of Steel Department were also present at the signing ceremony.

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