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Yao Yan Attends the 12th National Conference on Cement and Concrete Chemistry and Its Application, and Delivered a Keynote Speech

Data resource: Technological Administrative Department

Released on: Nov. 18, 2011

     Form November 11 to 17, the 3rd Academic Annual Conference of the Cement Branch of Chinese Silicate Society, a surname of the 12th National Conference on Cement and Concrete Chemistry and itsApplication, was held at Southwest Science and Technology University Mianyang, Sichuan. The theme of this conference is “industrial slag helps cement and concrete with sustainable development”. Yao Yan, General Manager of CNBM, President of CNBM Institute and Board Chairman of the cement branch of Chinese Silicate Society, made a speech at the opening ceremony and delivered a keynote speech.

     This conference was undertaken by Cement Branch of China Silicate Institue, Southwest Science and Technology University, Cement Branchof Professional Committee of Cement Chemistry and Materialization Test, Cement Branchof Professional Committee of Raw Materials and Waste Residue Utilization, coordinated by CNBM Institute and some national major laboratory of green building materials, and sponsored by Cement Branch of Chinese Silicate Society. Tan Fu, Deputy Secretary of Chinese Silicate Society; Xiao Zhengxue, President of Southwest Science and Technology University; Wang Peiming and Shen Xiaodong, Vice board chairmen of the Cement Branch; Liu Guanghua, Vice Board Chairman of the Branch Of Cement And Concrete Production, all attended this conference.

     In the keynote speech The Growing Trend of Low Carbon Technology of Cement Concrete, Yao Yan pointed out that Chinese bottleneck of sustainable development ability needs an urgent breakthrough facing the severe challenge of resources, energy and environment, and the development of low carbon economy, especially of cement concrete, will be able to develop its skill to full. She also elaborated four issues concerning of low carbon in cement concrete industry: energy saving and emission reduction of cement and cement materials, resource utilization of industrial and municipal waste, the improvement of crack resistance and durability of concrete, the study and application of cement materials of significant project. In addition, she made a brief introduction to the preparation of the 14th International Cement Chemistry Conference.

    Tan Fu and Xiao Zhengxue made speeches separately. And the experts in the field of cement and concrete, Yan Peiyu, Shi Caijun, Qian Jueshi made special reports separately. Representatives read out more than sixty research papers in the conference, where people made positive communication and built a kind of active atmosphere. The number of representatives reached 130, who were given collected works of The General Situation and Paper Summary of the 13th International Conference on Cement Chemistry complied by CNBM Institute and some others unites. In the meantime, the executive committee meeting of the Cement Branch of Chinese Silicate Society was convened.

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