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CNBM Group Welcomes its 5th National EnterpriseTechnological Center

Data resource: CNBM

Released on: Nov. 17, 2011

     On Nov.16th, the National Development and Reform Commission website announced the 18th national recognized enterprise technology centers. Among these centers, Shen Ma Technology Co., Ltd. of Hefei Province, the only enterprise in China possessing its own national technology centre in the cable equipment manufacturing industry at the moment, made the list. The total number of national enterprise technological centers of CNBM Group rose to 5.

     As one of the branch center of CNBM technological centers, Shen Ma in Hefei Province got seven Provisional Science and Technology Progress Prizes, two National and Provisional Outstanding New Products Prizes, thirteen patent licensing consisting of two pattern of invention, seventeen new application pattern including sixteen pattern of invention which included two pattern of invention in Taiwan and one pattern of PCT. Shen Ma in Hefei Province is also the main drafting units of industrial standards and national standards of electric wire special equipment, and has partook in formulating two national standards and twenty-four industrial standards.

     It’s reported that the national enterprise technology centers were set for the purpose of boosting the construction of enterprise technological innovation system and driving the enterprise to structure the core competitiveness. National enterprise technological center not only possesses higher threshold in economical target like in enterprise sales volume, but also focuses on innovative ability and innovation demonstration effect. The recognized enterprise should meet some requirements: national prioritized industry, stronger technological innovation and research strength, leading position in the industry.

     So far, CNBM has five national enterprise technology centers in all including one national enterprise technological center, namely, CNBM technological center and four branches of national enterprise technological centers, namely, Beijing New Building Materials Public Limited Company, China Luoyang Float Glass Group Company Limited, Lianyungang Zhongfu Composite Material Co., Ltd., Shen Ma technology Co., Ltd. in Hefei Province. In recent years, CNBM Group not only made a great breakthrough in construction of technological innovation system, but also ranked the forefront of the industry in many fields, which has the effect of demonstration and guidance. The increase of CNBM Group technological centers, which reflect the technology and talents superiority in the field of research, is beneficial to improve the innovative ability, increase the vigor of production development and improve the core competitiveness of enterprise.

     According to relevant provision, the national recognized enterprise technological center will enjoy the relevant preferential policy of exempting import tariff, import VAT, consumption tax, special assumption of National Development and Reform Committee and Oracle Partner network specialized of Ministry of Science and Technology.

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