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Iraq AL-douh cement grinding station project progresses smoothly

Source: CNHDI 2011/10/4

     On October 3, report has it that Iraq AL-Douh cement grinding station project, contracted by CNBM International Engineering Co., Ltd.and designed by CNBM Hangzhou Design & Research Institute (CNHDI), is progressing smoothly with the concerted efforts of relevant personnel. Site construction is in full swing.

     The project is CNHDI’s another large cement design project in the Middle East. The early stage of the project coincided with an economic crisis sweeping across the world, amid which CNHDI faced many unforeseeable risks and challenges. CNHDI’s leaders attached great importance to the project, and frequently headed for the site with persons in charge of the project to discuss technical problems with the owner, thereby working out advanced, reliable, rational and economical technical plans.

     Following project launch, under the leadership of relevant leaders of the cement division of CNHDI and persons in charge of disciplines, under the principle of “speed assurance, quality control”, designers meticulously dealt with every detail to achieve the objective of advancement and reliability, economy, laying a solid foundation for CNHDI to further develop the overseas cement market.

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