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CBMIE, Sumitomo Forestry, Plum Greek conclude tripartite strategic agreement

Source: CBMIE 2011/9/29

     On September 27, Huang Anzhong, vice president of China National Building Materials Group Corporation (CNBM) and general manager of China National Building Materials Import & Export Corporation (CBMIE), met with delegations headed by Ryu Yano, chairman of Sumitomo Forestry Co., Ltd. and Rick Holley, chairman of Plum Creek Timber Inc. Representatives of the three parties exchanged ideas in a warm and friendly atmosphere, reached a consensus on tripartite strategic cooperation and concluded a tripartite strategic agreement.

     Huang introduced CNBM’s business situation, with emphasis on the development idea and outlook of CNBM’s timber industry. CNBM Timber Industry Co., Ltd. (CNTI) should learn modestly from its foreign counterparts and establish longstanding and stable strategic partnerships with relevant enterprises on the basis of mutual benefit, to provide quality services to China’s urbanization, said he, adding that under the agreement, the three parties will carry out all-round and deep-rooting cooperation in the timber field, give play to respective advantages, and learn from each other to accomplish multiple win.

     Sumitomo Forestry is a timber company with a history of over 300 years, and Plum Greek is the world’s largest timber company. On strength of their rich experience, resources and technical advantages, CNTI will grow more soundly and rapidly in the future.

      Wei Feng, assistant to president of CNBM and general manager of the department of international cooperation; and Daniel Dutton, CEO of Stimson Lumber Company were present.

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