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CNBM delegation visits countries including Russia

Source: Department of International Cooperation 2011/9/28

     From September 14 to 26, Liu Haihua, chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese Machinery, Metallurgical and Building Materials Workers’ Union of All China Federation of Trade Unions; Hao Zhenhua, deputy Party secretary of China National Building Materials Group Corporation (CNBM) headed a delegation on a tour visit to Russia, Germany and France. The delegation conducted surveys of CNBM’s cement project site in Russia and SINOI, a German subsidiary of China Composites Group Corporation Ltd. (CCGC), and paid friendly visits to potential partner CTF SALOR and the headquarters of Saint-Gobain, the world’s largest building material manufacturer. Through surveys, the delegation learned the operation modes of CNBM’s overseas projects and the basic situation of world frontier technologies, the important role of Party committees and trade unions of overseas branches in sustainable and healthy corporate development, as well as the importance and significance of trade unions in advanced European countries to corporate operations.

    During surveys, the delegation conducted an inspection of the production site of the Slantsy5000t/d cement project undertaken by Hefei Cement Research & Design Institute (HCRDI), CNBM’s first EPC project in Russia. The project was launched on August 4, and is scheduled to be delivered before late October. Hao said, thanks to a combative team led and built by the leading body of HCRDI, the effective measures of the Party committee of HCRDI for building Party branches abroad, effectively extending the corporate culture of CNBM and carrying out it throughout operations of overseas institutions, HCRDI’s first cement production line in Russia finally yielded bumper fruits after undergoing hardships. HCRDI’s morale was boosted, and a combative, united and executive team was cultivated.

     Subsequently, the delegation conducted field surveys of SINOI and CTF SALOR, inquiring into the production and processes of modern wind turbine blades and solar cells. The delegation was impressed by the companies’ advanced production technologies, modern experimental testing, and scientific and advanced management modes, and expressed great confidence in CNBM’s outlook in new energy and new material fields such as wind energy and solar energy. SINOI is CNBM’s first successful overseas annexation. Currently, the company operates in good conditions, supplies wind turbine blades to European wind turbine manufacturers based on the business mode of “MTO”, and has maintained strong momentum this year. CTF Solar is a technical company committed to delivering turn-key projects of CdTE film solar cell production lines, which will carry out substantial cooperation with CNBM in such fields as capital, business and technology, and join hands with CNBM to develop European and global solar markets.

     Another emphasis of the tour survey is a friendly visit to the headquarters of Saint-Gobain. Saint-Gobain is the world’s largest building material manufacturer that ranked 132nd among Fortune Global 500 Companies in 2010 and first among building material enterprises in the world. The delegation was warmly received by Saint-Gobain. The two sides exchanged ideas on development of and cooperation in new energy-conserving building materials such as glass and heat insulating materials.

     Through the tour survey, Liu acquired a deeper, more concrete and more direct understanding of CNBM’s business performance and development, spoke highly of CNBM’s achievements in the process of “globalization”, and offered opinions and suggestions on how trade unions play a better role in large-sized central enterprises and their overseas extensions.

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