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Yao Yan meets with the UNIDO officers

Source: China Building Materials Academy  9/1/2011 18:14:53

     In the afternoon of Aug. 30th, Yao Yan, General Manager of CNBM and Director of China Building Materials Academy met with the visiting Executive Officer of UNIDO Mr. PISKOUNOV who was accompanied by the Chinese representative of UNIDO Mr. Clarence and the project coordinator Ma Jian at the Chinese Representative Office of UNIDO.

     Yao Yan expresses his welcome to the UNIDO officers and invites them to visit the exhibition room of the Academy. She pointed out that China Building Materials Academy had a very good cooperation history with UNIDO. In order to better conduct the close cooperation with UNIDO, an independent corporate body is specially established. Recently, the China Building Materials Academy has introduced a batch of high-level overseas talents, in hope of continuing the international communication with UNIDO in the academic and standardization fields. Mr. PISKOUNOV pointed that the China Building Materials Academy had a very long development history and strong technicalreserve. The housing construction projects pushed out in the previous period have been widely applied in the developing countries. In the future, the two parties will have further technical cooperation. Currently, UNIDO is carrying out reform and planning to select key cooperative partners in some countries so as to conduct experiments in the field of renewable energy and so on.

     Dr. Wang Hong, Deputy Director of the National Key Laboratory of Green Building Materials and ChiefScientistof the National Engineering Technology Research Center of Glass Deep-processing, and other people attended this meeting.


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