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Russia Slantsy 5,000t/d cement clinker production line undertaken by HCRDI goes into production

Source: HCRDI            2011/8/10 10:56:36

         At 10 p.m. August 4, 2011, the kiln system of the Russia Slantsy 5,000t/d cement clinker production line, undertaken by Hefei Cement Research & Design Institute (HCRDI) under CNBM, went into production and outputted cement clinker.

        The project is one of the largest new dry cement production lines of all the cement projects in progress in Russia, as well as the first 5,000t/d cement line that has gone into production. The successful operation of the project marks CNBM has made staged achievements in Russia and created favorable conditions for CNBM to vigorously develop the Russian market.

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