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R&W 2011 opens in Beijing

Source: CNBM            2011/8/18 15:16:32

      On August 4, the 9th China International Expo for China Roofing & Waterproofing Technology (R&W 2011), organized by China National Building Material Group Corporation (CNBM), CNBM Waterproof Material Corp. and China National Building Waterproof Association, opened at China National Convention Center in Beijing, attracting more than 160 exhibitors from 14 countries and regions.

     Since its debut in 2002, the exhibition has been expanded and enriched every year, has become increasingly popular in the industry, and has developed into one of the top three international exhibitions on roofing and waterproofing technology.

    In concurrence with the 2011 edition, China Roof Insulation & Energy-saving Expo, China Green Roof Technology Expo and China BIPV Solar Roof Expo demonstrated different development directions of roofing systems.

    Three seminars and forums were held on the sidelines of the exhibition, including the keynote forum on building waterproofing and energy-saving roofs, special seminar for architects and the 5th national real estate general engineer seminar on waterproof technology. They, in concert with the exhibition, accomplished systematic and visualized knowledge input and created an exchange platform for producers, designers, constructors and owners.

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