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Beifang Cement’s 1,500,000t/y Qitaihe grinding station project reaches designed capacity and standard

Source: BDRIGI          2011/8/19 16:52:55

      On August 1, Beifang Cement’s 1,500,000t/y grinding station project in Qitaihe, designed by Beijing Triumph Building Materials Engineering Co., Ltd., reached the design capacity and standard, with cement output as well as quality and energy consumption indicators above the design requirements.

      Since the design of the production line was launched in April 2010, Beijing Triumph and the owner have made concerted efforts to overcome winter severity and other adverse conditions. Steel balls were fed to grinders for commissioning from June 15, and cement was outputted on July 25. As a result of a test, the cement output and quality both outperformed the design target.

      In the spring of 2011, Heilongjiang’s cement output and prices have surged in parallel. The operation of the grinding station has laid a solid foundation for Beifang Cement to achieve outstanding economic benefit this year, has accumulated precious experience for Beijing Triumph to conduct engineering design and construction in north China’s severely cold areas, and has boosted Beijing Triumph’s market popularity in northeast China.

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