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Kiamusze north cement clinker production line goes into operation

Source: Kiamusze Beifang Cement Co., Ltd. 2011/5/31

On May 28, the inaugural ceremony for the 4,500t/d north cement clinker production line of Kiamusze Beifang Cement Co., Ltd. was held in Huanan, Kiamusze, Heilongjiang Province. With a total investment of nearly 650 million, after completion, the project will produce 5 million tons of cement a year, and will increase annual sales by RMB 490 million and annual taxes by RMB 40 million, thus boosting the development of local logistics transportation, tertiary industry services, mineral development and building materials industry.

The production line uses the country’s most advanced and mature technology of new dry rotary kiln pre-heating decomposition, accomplishes automatic online control of the full process of limestone homogenization, raw material grinding, clinker calcining and cement grinding, is characterized by advanced system, rational process and environment friendliness, and adopts a high-efficiency, low-consumption, environment-friendly and circular economic process. After going into operation, the line will become a model in energy conservation, environmental protection and comprehensive utilization of resources in the cement industry.


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