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CLFG ultra-thin glass honored as science & technology projec

Source: CLFG 2011/3/22 15:11:15

Recently, the ultra-thin float glass production equipment and process project of China Luoyang Float Glass Group Co., Ltd. (CLFG)was honored as a key scientific & technological project in the eleventh five-year period by Henan Provincial Government.

This project has achieved a leap of Chinese float glass products and technologies from the traditional field to the electronic field, completed the upgrading of product technologies and the industry structure, marked another major breakthrough in the “Luoyangfloat glass technic ”, formed a full set of autonomous ultra-thin float glass technologies, made China’s glass industry up to advanced international standards in the high-end field, broke foreign technical monopoly, boosted the technical progress of the glass industry, promoted the fast development of China’s electronic industry, enjoyed a high market share, and achieved remarkable social and economic benefits.


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