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LZLCG turns out world’s largest 5,000m3FRP hydrochloric tanks

Source: CCGC 2011/3/18 13:44:01

Recently, the two 5,000m3and one 3,000m3FRP hydrochloric tanks processed and produced by Lianyungang Zhongfu Lianzhong Composites Group Co., Ltd. (LZLCG) under China Composites Group Corporation Ltd. (CCGC) were delivered for use. All these tanks are 20 meters in diameter, and the two 5,000m3ones are the world’s largest of its kind.

In March 2010, LZLC won the bid for the FRP hydrochloric tank project in Yichang, Hubei Province. The tanks are large in diameter and prone to deformation, have high bodies and large fluid pressure, contain high-corrosive hydrochloric mediums, and are hardest to produce with no examples available for reference. For the success of the project, the owner chose industrial leader LZLCG. LZLCG gave full play to the outstanding capacity for independent innovation, made technical breakthroughs, overcame construction difficulties and completed tank production by improving winding equipment, using new materials, adopting multiple props internally and optimizing the construction process. It took only six months from engineering design to project completion and delivery.

The project’s success has fully demonstrated LZLCG’s leading role in the composite material industry, achieved a great leap of China’s composite material industry and established a new milestone for the industry. 


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