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CNBM included in Dow Jones China Offshore 50 IndexSM

Source: CNBM 2011/3/17 15:56:44

Recently, Dow Jones Index announced that CNBM (HK.3323), PICC and CNOOC were included in China Offshore 50 IndexSM, a gauge for the stock performance of the top 50 companies that were listed on the Hong Kong and U.S. stock exchanges and have operations on the Chinese mainland.

Since going public at the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Ltd. on March 23, 2006, China National Building Materials Group Corporation (CNBM) has drawn close attention from the capital market due to its outstanding business performance. It seized the strategic opportunities of fast economic growth of the country and restructuring of the building material industry, propelled capital operation and reorganization in parallel, deepened management integration, made bold innovative practice and accomplished leapfrog development. Over the past five years, CNBM’s major business indicators have soared, with a compound growth rate of about 60% for the net profit attributable to the parent company, about 55% for income and about 55% for total assets. By late 2010, the equity of the major shareholders had been valued at about RMB 19.1 billion, 9.5 times the original investment.

Over the past five years, all the four primary businesses of CNBM-cement, light building materials, glass fiber and composite materials and engineering service have seen fast growth: by late 2010, the production capacity of key product cement had soared from 11 million tons in early 2006 to 200 million tons, ranking top in the world; the production capacity of gypsum board had picked up from 360 million square meters in early 2006 to 1 billion square meters; the production capacity of wind power blade had increased from zero to 10,000, ranking first in China; the production capacity of glass fiber had surged from 210,000 tons in early 2006 to 1 million tons, ranking first in the world; the five-year compound growth rate of engineering service income had been up to 37%, and the net profit rate of sales had remained steady at 10%.

CNBM gives play to its influence and driving force in the industry, advocates new business concepts such as harmony, win-win and PCP (price-cost-profit), brings into being a healthy layout of the building material market, pushes forward the rational return of value, and has played a significant role in promoting the transformation of the development mode, restructuring, energy conservation and emission reduction, as well as upgrading of the building material industry.

CNBM has gained high recognition from government departments at all levels, the capital market as well as industry insiders and outsiders for its perspective development strategy, outstanding business performance, good growth, high-caliber management team and fine corporate culture. Jean-Louis Beffa, chairman of Saint-Gobain Group, France, acclaimed CNBM as the world’s most dynamic building material company in recent years. CNBM was successively included in Morgan Stanley China Index and Hang Seng China Enterprises Index in 2007 and 2008.


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