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BNBM achieves great breakthrough in new housing export

Source: China Building Materials News 2011/3/17 9:10:15

Recently, the new housing sector of Beijing New Building Materials Public Ltd. Co. (BNBM) signed a housing export contract with Zambia. Under the contract, BNBM will provide the Zambian government with public housing materials, plan design and construction instructions, will design and construct 4,000 houses in Zambia. The contract is worth over RMB 600 million. This is a great breakthrough of BNBM in new housing export as well as its major achievement in implementing the “three-new” strategy of CNBM.

Founded in 2002, with a joint investment from BNBM, Toyota, Nippon Steel Corporation and Mitsubishi, BNBM Homes introduced a full set of advanced Japanese light steel housing technologies, designs, constructs and installs light steel housing based on the standardization, refinement and customization of modern housing building, and builds housing just as it builds automobile. Such housing saves steel, has advantages such as wind resistance, shock absorption, insect prevention, moisture prevention, fire prevention, corrosion prevention, energy conservation, water conservation, material conservation and environmental protection, can last up to 95 years. As prefabricated members are manufactured in plants and installed on the site, the housing is fast to build. The dry process is an environment-friendly new housing production and building technology integrating various new materials and technologies, a green new housing construction system extensively used in Europe, America and Japan, as well as one of the world’s most advanced mainstream housing technologies. The production and building technology of new housing introduced by BNBM has broken through the traditional building method of China, has filled in a domestic gap in the structural system of new steel housing, represents the direction of China’s housing industry and is a major move of BNBM to implement the national policies for housing industrialization.

By leveraging the strength of domestic technical advantage and comprehensive cost advantage, BNBM has shifted its focus on overseas operation, has made its way to countries like the U.S., Russia, New Zealand, Albania, Papua New Guinea, Nigeria, Tanzania and Zambia, and has yielded bumper results. The public housing project of the Zambian government is a substantial breakthrough of BNBM in implementing the “three-new” strategy of CNBM as well as an important representation of maintaining and deepening Sino-Zambia friendship, helping the Zambian government develop new housing, benefiting the local people and promoting the economic development of Zambia.

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