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Dow Chemical delegation visits CBMA


Source: CBMA  2011/3/3 0:00:00

On March 1, 2011, Yao Yan, president of CNBM and China Building Materials Academy (CBMA), met with the delegation of Dow Chemical Company headed by Business Group Vice President Carol Eicher.

Yao extended warm welcome to the delegation and introduced the history and actualities of CBMA, saying that CBMA is not only one of the four business sectors of CNBM, but also undertook the research, development, test, certification and standardization of the country and industry and participated in the formulation of national plans for building material development. CBMA undertook major national research projects in combination with domestic universities, and enjoys certain status and influence at home. She noted that Dow Chemical, one of Fortune Global 500 Companies with a history of more than a century, is superior in technologies, products and market development and has worked out good plans for building material development. Hopefully, the two sides will employ respective advantages to carry out all-round and deep cooperation and achieve win-win.

Eicher said that Dow Chemical had vigorously developed the Asia-Pacific market including China in recent years and the corporate senior executives had visited CBMA and been cordially greeted by President Yao in 2008. She hoped that the relations between the two sides would remain stable and wished CBMA greater success.


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