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China’s first super-white glass line goes into production at CLFG

Source: CLFG  01-08-2011 0:00:00

Longbo super-white ultra-thin glass line, the first of its kind in China, went into production on January 6.

Extensively used in emerging industries such as solar energy, high-end display, high-end automobile and electropane, super-white ultra-thin glass has a bright prospect. As the transmission rate of super-white glass is over 92%, far above that of common glass, the technical requirements are rigorous and there had been no such products at home before.

Based on the international trends of technological innovation in electronic glass and the market demands for super-white ultra-thin glass, China Luoyang Float Glass Group Co., Ltd. (CLFG) vigorously made technical innovation, accelerated the technical R & D of super-white ultra-thin glass, assimilated and digested the latest international achievements in super-white and ultra-thin technologies, formed autonomous super-white ultra-thin glass production technology with the unremitting efforts of technical staff, and resolved to independently design and develop China’s first 250t super-white ultra-thin glass line at Luoyang Longhai Electronic Glass Co., Ltd. in June 2010. The line used the most advanced international and domestic scientific and technological achievements, and made all-round improvements in key links such as glass furnace and tin bath.

According to the source, the line can achieve a designed annual output of 1 million weight cases, a gross industrial output value of RMB 200 million and annual sales of RMB 200 million. The launch of the line marks CLFG has become the domestic originator of super-white and ultra-thin glass, laying a solid foundation for Chinese electronic glass to reach advanced international standards.


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