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Process Test Ceremony of HCRDI 5,000t/d in Russian Cement Plant

Source: HCRDI 11-29-2010 0:00:00

On November 27, 2010, the process test ceremony of the 5,000t/d Russian cement plant contracted by Hefei Cement Research & Design Institute (HCRDI) was held. At the invitation of general manager of LSR Group and governor of Leningrad Oblast; the high-ranking officials of the local government and banks; Xie Xiaoyong, Chinese consul-general to St. Petersburg; Zhang Haitao, commercial consul; Liu Mingce, vice consul; Xu Ning, president of HCRDI headed to the project site for the ceremony.

The successful test in severe conditions marked the staged success of the project invested in by LSR and constructed by HCRDI. The production line uses the world’s advanced new dry cement process. The project of green cement made from shale waste is also currently Russia’s largest, fastest and most advanced cement project in progress. The project’s completion will yield substantial local economic and social benefits. The Russian state television and local press covered the ceremony.

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