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BNBM Defends Global Best Gypsum Enterprise Title

Source: Department of International Cooperation 11-24-2010 16:14:19

On October 25, 2010, the 10th World Gypsum Conference, the most influential annual grand gathering of the world gypsum industry, was held in Paris. Ma Jianguo, deputy general manager of CNBM, headed a delegation to the conference, which consisted of Wang Bing, vice president of China National Building Material Company Limited and chairman of Beijing New Building Materials Public Limited Company (BNBM); Li Wenbiao, deputy general manager of China National United Equipment Group Co., Ltd., as well as representatives of enterprises like CNBM International Engineering Co., Ltd. This was the second consecutive year for which CNBM had sent a delegation to the conference. BNBM won the “Gypsum Company of 2010” award as the world’s first enterprise defending the title.

In recent years, CNBM has vigorously implemented the strategy of “globalization of comprehensive building materials” and developed new building materials, new house and new energy materials while vigorously advancing the restructuring, recombination, energy conservation and emission reduction of cement and glass. As a new key building material enterprise under CNBM, BNBM conducted rational layout planning and industrial recombination of gypsum board business in the country, grew rapidly, actively pioneered the development of China’s gypsum board industry, provided experience for the development of the gypsum board industry in other emerging markets, and won high praise from the global gypsum board industry. By late 2010, BNBM’s business scale had expanded from two production lines with an annual output of 40 million square meters of gypsum board several years ago to a rational nationwide layout with an annual output of 1 billion square meters now, ranking first in Asia, and had been growing rapidly.

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