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Chairman Song invited to 2010 Fortune China CEO Summit

Source: CNBM 11-27-2010 0:00:00

From November 25 to 26, 2010 Fortune China CEO Summit, sponsored by Fortune China and Pan-Pacific Management Institute, was held in Beijing. Over 300 business elites, including CEOs of part of Fortune Global 500 Companies, got together to discuss “Discovering the New Growth Model” from multiple angles. CNBM Chairman Song Zhiping was invited and attended the panel on “Transcending Low Cost-Exploring New Advantages”, expounding his views on such aspects as how to transform the mode of economic growth and importance of intellectual property protection to enterprises, and introducing CNBM’s experience in transcending low cost and exploring new advantages in the cement industry.

The panel was chaired by Bill Powell, Asian chief editor of Fortune. As for his questions such as “What should enterprises do to transform the mode of economic growth? How to shift the growth mode from low-cost manufacturing to high-value-added advanced manufacturing?” Song said transforming the mode of economic growth and adjusting the industry structure was inevitable for China’s economic development, and the process was filled with opportunities and challenges. Enterprises should endeavor to continue to open up the market and cooperate with Western enterprises in high-tech and high-value-added products to accelerate the upgrading of Chinese enterprises; should accelerate the development of enterprises’ capacity for independent innovation, increase corporate strength and promote industry upgrading through technical innovation; and should sharpen competitiveness through industry chain optimization and intensive management apart from low-cost labor and resources.

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