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CNBM 2010 S&T Work Conference Held

 From 26 to 27 October 2010, CNBM 2010 Science & Techonology Work Conference was held in Beijing, where the attendees reviewed technological achievements made during the "11thFive-year Plan", analyzed the trend for future development, mapped out missions to be accomplished, and defined key tasks in the next five years.

During the period of the "11thFive-year Plan", CNBM gave absolute priority to technological innovation in its development strategy, and virtually accomplished several major tasks, such as integrating scientific and technological resources, keeping focus on the construction of platform for scientific and technological development, improving the technological innovation system based on the integration of enterprise-universities-research institutes, undertaking state’s assignment in science and technology, producing environment-friendly building materials, and undergoing the innovative-oriented self-transformation. And also CNBM made a number of great achievements in science and technology from 2006 to 2009; in detail, it undertook 455 state-level research programs or related projects, 258 provincial scientific research programs and construction projects; it was awarded 5 state-level prizes and 289 provincial awards. So far, CNBM had filed 811 patent applications, and has more than 1000patents holding in hand. In 2009, Technology Center of the Group was conferred the “Award for State-authorized Technology Center of Enterprise” by five Ministries jointly.

During the coming “12thFive-year Plan” period, CNBM will adhere to the policy of “Being innovative, making a leap forward, supporting sustainable development and pioneering in the future". It will constantly improve the technological innovation system and make great efforts in the promotion of original innovation, integrated innovation and introducing-digesting-absorbing-innovating cycling system. It will take the leading role in the industrial development of science and technology; conquer the commanding height for development. And it will also promote the research and popularity of advanced practical technologies for green, recyclable and low-carbon economy, and as a major state-owned enterprise, CNBM is bound to play an active role in the construction of a resource-conserving and environment-friendly society. 


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